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So as you already know I get bored really easy & like to do random things. Travelling around Australia is fun, so much FUN! ‘But what can I do to make it even more FUN!’ I thought to myself one day as I was walking down Cavil Avenue in Surfers Paradise.

That exact moment a group of hippies were walking past me. They looked so happy, not a care in the world! ​They lit up the street with their vibrant & positive attitude to earth. I wish they smelt as good as they looked, but unfortunately you can’t win ‘em all, ay! It made me begin to think ‘What would life be like as a Hippie? We get so caught up in our own lives, we don’t appreciate all the different ways of living.

There are so many different lifestyles throughout Australia & each and every one of them is unique. ‘I want to try out all the different Australian lifestyles! I want to put myself in the shoes of a hippie, I want to see what it is like to live the life of a hippie for a couple of weeks & not be my usual niche of a NOMAD Plumber.’ I was so excited to try out something new & I knew exactly the place I should go to do it, the home of hippies themselves.

BYRON BAY YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So the moment I arrived in Byron I wrote a check list, a check list of what I need to do to be a successful Hippie, it goes as follows:

First things first, COLONIC IRRIGATION. Oh man! If you don’t know what this is, well they basically put a tube up your butt & ‘PUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMM’ (that’s my sound for a vacuum cleaner). The one thing I try and strive to do is to be completely honest & real in my blogs. So I am going to put this simple:

You know those pipes at mini golf courses that you watch your ball go through to a big bucket? Well that is basically what happens in a Colonic Irrigation, but instead of the ball it is the wastage from your body if you know what I mean. I walked out of that joint feeling weird. Weird but clean, I don’t think I will be going back any time soon.

My beautiful friend Lauren works at an amazing place called ‘Clear Health Retreats’ in the hinterlands of Byron Bay. The place is just beautiful. Every day for 2 weeks straight I went here and practiced yoga & meditation. I even tried acupuncture. I couldn’t believe how great I felt after it all, it really does cleanse your mind & soul.

The next step was the hardest….going vegan! As most of you know I don’t mind a cheeky parma or steak from time to time, so going vegan I thought would be close to impossible for me (I was wrong like usual). The week before I started my two weeks as a vegan I ate close to probably around two and a half cows. I know, savage right?


Okay, so what to eat, what to eat….hmmm, normally I would have protein oats for breakfast. ‘Sweet! That is vegan! Oh wait no it’s not my protein powder has milk solids in it. DANG IT! How do I make all those fancy cool colourful health bowls those sassy vegans from Instagram make?’ I thought to myself as I am heading towards  the closest organic health food store. I didn’t make it to the health food store that day, I spent the next 2 weeks eating out at funky vegan cafes for basically every meal. AND HOLY MOLY, the cracks began to show in my bloody bank account!

So I am not going to ramble on like I do in my other blog posts and I am going to get straight to what changed me experiencing this lifestyle.

Drum roll please…..

Number one: I didn’t eat meat for a whole month after that 2 weeks of being vegan. I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel like it. Don’t get me wrong straight after the 2 weeks I reached for a glass of cow milk (a change from my usual deconstructed soy chai latte), but I felt like my body was cleansed and I didn’t feel the need or desire to eat meat.

Don’t worry – as I write this I am scoffing down a ham and cheese sanga, but I find myself going for the vego or vegan option more often now. Sometimes it is good to give your body a break & try something new, even if it is just no meat Mondays or something, give it a crack!

Number two: I have got into the routine of practicing meditation every morning, even if it is just for 10 mins. The moment I wake up I lay there & run through the day  in my head. I tell myself it is going to be an amazing day & I am so lucky to be on this earth (HA! That sounded so hipster, sorry!). Manifesting has become a big thing for me & also thinking about every day what and who I am grateful for in my life.

Number three: I am never getting a Colonic Irrigation again.


The whole purpose of going into these different lifestyles was to learn new things & educate myself on the different lives we live in Australia. It opens up your eyes to a whole new perspective & makes you realise the world is a whole lot bigger than you picture it in your head. I am slowly & surely going to keep testing out different Australian lifestyles so stay tuned for my time on a farm as a ‘backpacking lime picker.’

LOTS OF LOVE, AIMEE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Me when I ate a 1kg steak & 1kg of chips

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